Medieval Chicago

Welcome to Medieval Chicago, where we explore the artifacts, influences, and echoes of the Middle Ages in and around Chicagoland. Here you will find photo galleries, articles, itineraries, and even some original artworks pertaining to the lasting legacy of the medieval period in this great city. This is an ongoing project; please check back now and again for updates!

Photo Galleries

Building Medieval Chicago

At the Art Institute, A Sampling


The Medieval Chicago Shield, 3 Ways

Because, why not give this website its own heraldry? These drawings are actually the result of my early sketches for site logos and featured artworks, pictured here for fun. Why borrow the “3 ways” trend from the culinary arts? Because I love Top Chef, a show with many contestants from Chicago over the years. For visitors new to the city, the image on the shield is the Chicago flag. It’s all over the city: in front of businesses; outside people’s homes; and on shirts, hats, and all manner of paraphernalia.

The Official Chicago Shield

The Chicago Shield, image from Heraldry of the World.

Like many places around the world, Chicago has its own coat of arms (How medieval is that?!). Will a post on this topic appear on this site sometime in the future? Seems likely.

The tradition of heraldry extends beyond the city itself to many of its institutions and inhabitants. The University of Chicago along with most other universities, the Archdiocese of Chicago, the Cardinal assigned to the Archdiocese, the military’s USS Chicago submarine, and more, all have their own heraldry. Keep your eyes peeled; heraldry appears on buildings everywhere in this city. If you’re from elsewhere, try Googling the heraldry of your own hometown. You might learn something new about your community’s professed values and priorities.

Example of heraldry on the Fourth Presbyterian Church buildings.

Disclaimer: Some of my photos were quickly snapped with my phone while out and about, others come from photo shoots. The quality may vary somewhat, but sometimes a memory needs to be captured on the spot. Unless otherwise specified in the caption (as in the official Chicago shield above), all photos on this site belong to Karrie Fuller.