Covid-19 Preamble: It feels strange publishing the first itinerary here in the middle of a pandemic during the craziest year our country has faced in my generation’s living memory. An itinerary, right now, when most of us are stuck at home, our travel plans and most weekend outings on hold, might come across as an odd choice. I started this project long before Covid shut down so much of our lives, and for this page, I had planned to take photos of each place mentioned here. The photos will have to wait, but the content, I decided, should go up. Post-Covid, post-2020, these pages will likely need to be updated. Restaurant recommendations might change due to heart-breaking closures; protocols and transportation might look a bit different for a long time. The events of 2020 will leave permanent marks on the cityscape, signs of history in progress, for better or worse. Our lives will never return to the old “normal,” not completely, but a new future will emerge. The places on this list, the buildings, will remain, and some of them have already opened their doors to visitors comfortable with venturing out right now. Whatever your situation, these places will be there, waiting, and the promise of a return to travel, exploration, and the search for enlightenment and joy in the physical (not just virtual) spaces of world is what, in its own small way, this itinerary holds. I leave it, for now, in its original, but still relevant, pre-Covid form.

The Magnificent Medieval Mile

Stay tuned for more itineraries to come!