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“Langland in the Early Modern Household: Piers Plowman in Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Digby 145 and its Scribe-Annotator Dialogues.” New Directions in Medieval Manuscript Studies and Reading Practices: Essays in Honour of Derek Pearsall’s 80th Birthday. Ed. Kathryn Kerby-Fulton et al. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 2014.

“The Craft of the ‘Z-Maker’: Reading the Z Text’s Unique Lines in Context.” Yearbook of Langland Studies. 27 (2013): 15-43. (invited)

Book Reviews

“Yee? Baw for Bokes”: Essays on Medieval Manuscripts and Poetics in Honor of Hoyt N. Duggan, edited by Michael Calabrese and Stephen H.A. Shepherd. Reviewed for Studies in the Age of Chaucer. 39 (2017): 312-315.

Reading Families: Women’s Literate Practice in Late Medieval England, by Rebecca Krug. Reviewed for Early Modern Women. IV (2009): 287-289.

By Dr. Karrie Fuller

Karrie Fuller received her PhD in English from the University of Notre Dame, specializing in medieval literature and manuscripts. She has a decade of teaching experience under her belt, having taught writing and literature courses at St. Mary’s College, Indiana University South Bend, and Notre Dame. She also spent five years working as the Project Manager for the Medieval Studies Research Blog hosted by Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute before founding this project. Her research interests include book history, travel literature, and Old and Middle English, to name just a few.